Friday, May 9, 2008

Knight and his dog, Oak leaves and acorns.

After painting frescoes in California, back in England I felt out of my depth about what materials to buy and where to buy them, but I found a one-day fresco workshop March 8 08on the net with Andrew Gathercole where I painted this Knight and dog. I took the design from my sketchbook when I visited a church a year ago on the Isle of Wight . Workshop on March 8 08. Click on his name for details. The fresco is on terracotta roof tile which he had plastered with basecoat, and I plastered with topcoat and we ground the pigments and painted . Size approx 10 x 6 inches, 15 x 25 cm I thought I could plaster it on a wall of our house, so inscribed it Nick and Jeanie.

This was painted at the same time, painted out of my head, so not a botanical picture. I am wondering if the ultramarine blue is turning black or did I paint blue over dark red-brown, see top edge. I`ve read that ultra blue is not too reliable in lime, especially out of doors, but have heard a specially processed product is ok. I am still unsure if I paint frescoes as transparent (water-colour) or opaque(oils) or a mixture of both. Any advice would be welcomed.

Andrew told me about Aidan Hart and I looked at his interesting website . He has given me some very helpful advice on colours.

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